Born and raised on 15 February 2006 in the lovely capital of Hanoi, Vietnam.I can't do one thing exceptionally good, but I can do many exceptionally good things.Tetris and sports fanatic, freelance commentator, occasional streamer, and a lot of more stuff that I don't do very often.Social links and a list of what I do/did below!

Me, as the Color Caster for Group B of the 2023 TETR.IO World Championship."My face looks horrible. Well, at least my formal clothes helped me a tad bit."

Social links

Want to keep in touch me? Why would y- I mean, you can find me on these sites!

List of things I do and did

Below here are some of the stuff I did/am doing that I felt particularly nice or proud about it.This list will get updated over time (or whenever I remember I have this site).Take it as like a general CV/portfolio/past records.

- Blogging (mostly in Vietnamese) at A Fire's Diary.- Administrator for the Tetris Vietnam community -- join our Discord here!- Former Tournament Organizer for Modern Tetris events in Tetris Vietnam.

- Founder and current Director of Classic Tetris events in Tetris Vietnam.- Freelance sports and E-sports commentator, featured on multiple international events - biggest appearance was the TETR.IO World Championship 2023 seen here- Host, Director and Clue Writer of Tetris Jeopardy!

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